University of British Columbia(UBC)

2329 West Mall, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4, Canada


Rank(2017) 0 3 2 2 2
Rank(2018) 0 3 2 2 2


The history of the University during these fifty years runs parallel, in many respects, to that of the Province.

As a state institution it depends mainly upon the public treasury for financial support. It has prospered with the prosperity of the Province. It has also felt the pinch of hard times; even to the point of threatened extinction. But throughout its half century of life, whether in adversity or prosperity, it has always had the devoted support of leading citizens, many of whom have served on its governing bodies.

True to its Motto, TUUM EST, “It is Yours”, the University has served the interests of all the people of the Province. Within its walls the sons and daughters of our citizens have been given the opportunity to satisfy their needs for higher education and training.

Outstanding opportunities for professional development that enhance career options and encourage graduates and postdocs to contribute positively to a civil and sustainable society.

  • Applied Science, Faculty of
  • Architecture and Landscape Architecture, School of
  • Arts, Faculty of
  • Audiology and Speech Sciences, School of
  • Business, Sauder School of
  • Community and Regional Planning, School of
  • Dentistry, Faculty of
  • Education, Faculty of
  • Extended Learning
  • Forestry, Faculty of
  • Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies
  • Journalism, School of
  • Kinesiology, School of
  • Land and Food Systems, Faculty of
  • Law, Peter A. Allard School of
  • Library, Archival and Information Studies, School of
  • Medicine, Faculty of
  • Music, School of
  • Nursing, School of
  • Pharmaceutical Sciences, Faculty of
  • Population and Public Health, School of
  • Science, Faculty of
  • Social Work, School of
  • UBC Vantage College
  • Vancouver School of Economics


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