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As part of a radical vision for the city, schools of Art and Science were founded in Exeter in 1851. Challenging opposition and driven by ambition from the start, these humble beginnings were the first steps towards establishing the University of Exeter.

In 1855, Sir Stafford Northcote backs the establishment of a School of Art in Exeter, in line with his vision for the city as a cultural centre for the West of England. The Devon and Exeter Albert Memorial Museum opens in 1868 and student numbers began to rise. In 1922, the University moves to Streatham and becomes the University College of the South West.

The University’s vision for the next five years (2015-2020), just like Sir Stafford’s original vision in 1851, is bold and ambitious. We want to use our new values - Ambition, Collaboration, Challenge, Community, Impact and Rigour - to define who we are and to drive us to become firmly established as a global top 100 research leader who creates graduates of distinction within a community of the most talented and creative minds.


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