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Kenznow appreciates the importance of learning a foreign language, for students who wish to study abroad or professionals who are keen to work abroad. Knowing a foreign language is an asset and has the potential to open up many opportunities. Keznow has tied-up with Berlitz, 135+ year old language school which is spread across 70 countries, to help students and professionals, learn from the best.

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Completely online foreign language learning courses

Cyber Teachers Coach

Cyber Teachers Coach offers a variety of direct assistance tools to help learners communicate effectively in a business environment from day one.

  • Useful tools such as translator, dictionary, cultural tips in business communication, vocabulary optimizer, and much more.

Course Structure

  • Live Coaching – Immediate individual assistance on a specific topic from a real coach via chat or video.
  • Community Room – Text chat with other users or a real teacher. This offers opportunities to practice and ask questions In addition, you can also take part in instructor-led, theme-based virtual group sessions.

Cyber Teachers Standard

This is an easy to use online platform, available from anywhere, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. CyberTeachers features a wide range of training media, such as e-mail, videos, mobile applications, podcasts, community chat, and more with reliable software and an outstanding user satisfaction rating of over 98%.

CyberTeachers by Berlitz is suitable for:

  • Beginner/Elementary levels: Students with very little or no knowledge of the new language.
  • Intermediate levels: Students lacking confidence when using the language.
  • Advanced levels: Students wishing to master the language and maintain consistent practice.

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