University of Chicago(UCHICAGO)

The University of Chicago Edward H. Levi Hall 5801 South Ellis Avenue Chicago, Illinois 60637, USA


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Rank(2017) 0 5 7 8 7

On July 9, 1890, the University’s founders defined what they believed would build an enduring legacy: a commitment to rigorous academics for people of all backgrounds, including “opportunities for all departments of higher education to persons of both sexes on equal terms.”

An initial pledge of $600,000 (more than $25 million in today’s currency) from John D. Rockefeller, along with contributions from the American Baptist Education Society and land from Marshall Field, helped to found the University of Chicago.

Be a national leader in higher education facilities management.

  • Anesthesia and Critical Care, Department of
  • Anthropology, Department of
  • Art History, Department of
  • Astronomy and Astrophysics, Department of
  • Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Department of
  • Biological Sciences Division
  • Business, Chicago Booth School of
  • Cancer Biology, Committee on
  • Cancer Research, Ben May Department for
  • Chemistry, Department of
  • Cinema and Media Studies, Department of
  • Classics, Department of
  • Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmacogenomics, Committee on
  • The College
  • Comparative Human Development, Department of
  • Comparative Literature, Department of
  • Computational Neuroscience, Committee on
  • Computer Science, Department of
  • Conceptual and Historical Studies of Science, Committee on
  • Continuing Liberal and Professional Studies, Graham School of
  • Creative Writing, Committee on
  • Development, Regeneration, and Stem Cell Biology, Committee on
  • Divinity School
  • East Asian Languages and Civilizations, Department of
  • Ecology and Evolution, Department of
  • Economics, Department of
  • Education, Committee on
  • English Language and Literature, Department of
  • Evolutionary Biology, Committee on
  • Family Medicine, Department of
  • Genetics, Genomics, and Systems Biology, Committee on
  • Geographical Studies, Committee on
  • Geophysical Sciences, Department of
  • Germanic Studies, Department of
  • History, Department of
  • Human Genetics, Department of
  • Humanities Division
  • Immunology, Committee on
  • International Relations, Committee on
  • Law School
  • Linguistics, Department of
  • Mathematics, Department of
  • Medical Physics, Committee on
  • Medicine, Department of
  • Medicine, Pritzker School of
  • Microbiology, Committee on
  • Microbiology, Department of
  • Molecular Engineering, Institute for
  • Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology, Department of
  • Molecular Medicine, Committee on
  • Molecular Metabolism and Nutrition, Committee on
  • Music, Department of
  • Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, Department of
  • Neurobiology, Committee on
  • Neurobiology, Department of
  • Neurology, Department of
  • Obstetrics & Gynecology, Department of
  • Organismal Biology and Anatomy, Department of
  • Oriental Institute, The
  • Pathology, Department of
  • Pediatrics, Department of
  • Pharmacological and Physiological Sciences, Department of
  • Philosophy, Department of
  • Physical Sciences Division
  • Physics, Department of
  • Political Science, Department of
  • Pritzker School of Medicine
  • Psychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience, Department of
  • Psychology, Department of
  • Public Health Studies, Department of
  • Public Policy Studies, Harris School of
  • Radiation and Cellular Oncology, Department of
  • Radiology, Department of
  • Romance Languages and Literatures, Department of
  • Slavic Languages and Literatures, Department of
  • Social Service Administration, School of
  • Social Sciences Division
  • Social Thought, John U. Nef Committee on
  • Sociology, Department of
  • South Asian Languages and Civilizations, Department of
  • Statistics, Department of
  • Surgery, Department of
  • Visual Arts, Department of


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