University of Tübingen(Eberhard karls university)(EKU)

Geschwister-Scholl-Platz, 72074 Tübingen, Germany


Rank(2017) 0 9 9 12 10
Rank(2018) 0 9 9 13 0

The University, founded in 1477, builds on more than five centuries of tradition. Key dates:

1477 Count Eberhard “the Bearded” founds the University, establishing four faculties - Theology, Law, Medicine, Philosophy
1535-36 Founding of the Evangelisches Stift seminary
1769 Duke Karl Eugen von Württemberg adds his name to that of the University, making it  “Eberhardino-Carolina"
1790 – 1793 Hölderlin, Hegel and Schelling are all students at the Evangelisches Stift.
1817 Founding of the Economics Faculty and the Faculty of Catholic Theology
1863 The first Science Faculty established at a German university
1876 Enrollments top 1,000 for the first time
1904 Tübingen admits its first female students
1977 The University celebrates its 500th anniversary
1979 Enrollments pass 20,000 for the first time
1997 Opening of the Museum in Schloss Hohentübingen with unique artifacts from prehistory, classical archaeology, ancient Egypt, the ancient Middle East, and cultural anthropology.
2007 Establishment of the Werner Reichardt Center for Integrative Neuroscience (CIN) excellence cluster
2010 Formation of seven broad-based faculties (Protestant Theology, Catholic Theology, Law, Medicine, the Humanities, Economics and Social Sciences, and Science)
2011 Opening of the Center of Islamic Theology, the first of its kind in Germany
2012 Success in the German government’s Excellence Initiative with the Graduate School on Learning, Educational Achievement, and Life Course Development (LEAD), the Center for Integrative Neuroscience excellence cluster, and the University’s institutional strategy Research - Relevance - Responsibility.

We regard the diversity of our students and employees as a great strength. It is our paramount task to support them in their quest for knowledge and education. An important factor in the success of a university is the motivation of its employees. With this in mind, the University makes every effort to enable its students and employees to reconcile the demands of family with their studies and working lives.

Protestant Theological Faculty    
Catholic Theological Faculty    
Faculty of Law    
Faculty of Medicine    
Faculty of Arts    
Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences    
Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences   


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