Dalhousie University(DU)

6299 South St, Halifax, NS B3H 4R2, Canada

https://www.dal.ca/   admissions@dal.ca


Rank(2017) 0 12 11 12 14
Rank(2018) 0 12 11 13 14


Dalhousie University, Halifax, was founded in 1818 by Lieutenant-Governor George Ramsay, 9th earl of Dalhousie. Dalhousie envisaged a liberal, nondenominational college based on the educational standards of Edinburgh University and offering a progressive alternative to the Anglican University of King`s College at Windsor, Nova Scotia. The institution's initial funding came from customs duties collected at Castine, Maine, during the British occupation in 1814-15.

Dalhousie is a comprehensive teaching university, offering 3600 courses to more than 13 000 full-time students. Dalhousie offers doctoral level study in 41 programs and master's degrees in 71 programs. Professional programs are available in Architecture, Dentistry, Engineering, Law and Medicine. At the undergraduate level, 60 degree and advanced diploma programs are available in diverse specialties. Dalhousie provides continuing education for 15 000 additional part-time students.

Dalhousie is a national leader in the provision of student support. Students consistently earn awards from external agencies, including 72 Rhodes Scholars who have been selected from Dalhousie's student body.

We promote integrity, competence and compassion while providing evidence-based, ethical oral health care to all populations, in collaboration with other health professionals.

  • Agriculture
  • Architecture and Planning
  • Arts and Social Sciences
  • College of Continuing Education
  • Computer Science
  • Dentistry
  • Engineering
  • Health
  • Law
  • Management
  • Medicine
  • Science


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