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January 5, 2018

5 Most Travelled Countries By Indians

Travelling is something that lately Indians have found love for and more so international travel is what most of the families aspire and plan for.

Here is the list of places around the world which was preferred the most by Indians in 2017. And they are

1) Singapore: It has emerged as one of the most preferred destination by the Indian travelers as the flight duration is less and simplified Visa regulations. The country is filled with leisure options for both adults and children. The famous universal studios and the beaches of Sentosa are some of the places to visit which attracts tourist by numbers.


2) UAE:Another addition to this list is UAE. It is the house of many celebs and one of the most popular countries among Indians. People visit to gulf countries for leisure a well as to take care of or make investments. The Palm Island in Dubai has become one of the most favorite tourist destinations.


3) UK: Next on the list we have UK, it, until recently was, among the top country where students travelled for studies. On tourism front the Country showcases its traditions which are very much related to Indian history and thus attracts the Indian tourists to visit explore this beautiful country. The famous London Eye, Buckinghum Palace and art festivals in Edinburg are much visited places in the country.


4) USA: It has the most number of VISA applicants every Year. USA is most preferred destination for tourist as well as for students who go there for higher education. It offers a wide variety of leisure options to tourist in terms of its beaches in Hawaii, the famous Time square in New York or the world famous casinos in Las Vegas tourist get many option to explore.


5) Thailand: This is a popular destination among Indians. This country is full of natural beauty and beaches with this it offers a great shopping experience for the tourists. The place is affordable and thus is the ideal place for the youth to travel and reconnoiter.


We believe that the 2018 list would be slightly different with people trying many offbeat locations to travel and explore.