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February 8, 2018

Top 5 Courses In Canada

Canada is the country of immigrants and over the period of time it has recognized the importance of immigrant students as the best source of human capital. There are host of universities in Canada which attract foreign students and offer courses to suit their needs. Like in US, a Canadian degree, does help in obtaining PR in the country.

Canadian universities:

Check out the top universities at Kenznow University Rankings. These universities are offering wide variety of courses for its international students. The education provided here is recognized globally and is equivalent to many to universities of USA, Europe and Australia. The Universities in Canada offer scholarship opportunities to its students. Inspite of less number of universities compared to the USA the students are not required to compromise on the standard of education.

Top courses offered by Canadian Universities and colleges are as follows:

1) Engineering: Engineers are the rulers of the world. They are the combination of innovation and urge to create something new. Canadian Universities offers variety of engineering colleges with maximum placement records. Some of the top colleges for Engineering in Canada are:


University of Alberta

toronto University

University of Montreal

2) Information Technology: It is the study of developing new software, programming, design, multimedia etc. the institute of Canada offers master’s degree in IT field. There are many colleges offering IT courses in Canada. Best IT colleges in Canada are:

Carleton University

Western University

Conestoga College

Cambrian College

3) Business Management: MBA is the most preferred post-graduation course for students as it increases job opportunities. Canada has some of good Colleges offering MBA courses. Top MBA Universities in Canada are:

University of Western Ontario

York University

University of Toronto

University of British Colombia

University of Toronto

4) Pharmacy Technician: Another option available with you is pharmacy technician which deals with health care provider. They work under the supervision of licensed pharmacist. Top Pharmacy Colleges in Canada are:

Centennial College

Western University

Sheridan College

Niagara College

Lambton College


5) Hospitality Management: Hospitality management is a study of an industry concerned with the quality of food, accommodation, managing activities for tourists etc. top Hospitality Management college are:

Centennial College

Fleming College

Niagara College

Seneca College

There is nothing wrong in saying that if you have good education there will be lots of opportunities which will come across your way. Canada is one such country which is powerhouse of Education. Studying abroad gives you better exposure of International studies and opens way to lot of opportunities for you in terms of jobs; it gives a boost to your career. In Canada you can also avail the scholarship.
There are three intakes for students in Universities of Canada and that is fall, summer and winter. Many students dream to study abroad and here is the list of colleges offering different courses that you can compare and  Kenznow University Rankings.