5 Best Countries To Study MBA Abroad
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March 14, 2018

5 Best Countries To Study MBA Abroad

MBA is one of the most popular courses among students. Over a couple of decades, Business Administration has become a coveted degree with the great career options that get open for the candidates. Many countries offer MBA courses to an international student. MBA from a good college provides not only great skill sets but also gives access to the alumni network which can open doors for further opportunities. Some of the countries which give the best study experience in the field of management. Here are the 5 Best Countries To Study MBA Abroad

1) The United States of America:

When it comes to international study first name which pops out is the USA and understandably so as it houses some of the prestigious business schools. An MBA from a topnotch college gives good exposure to its students and helps provide them with great career options. For getting admission in the college of USA you have to clear GMAT and with a GMAT score above 700+ gets you a ticket to a good college. The average cost of MBA in the USA varies in between USD 30,000 to USD60,000. Some of the top MBA colleges in the USA are as follows:

2) United Kingdom:

Another country on the list is the UK. It is also a popular student destination who is willing to pursue MBA. London gives a good opportunity in the field of banking and finance. The other cities in the UK offer great opportunities in the field of the service sector. The universities in the UK not only offer rigorous academic approach but also offer high paid job opportunities to students. The top colleges in the UK require a GMAT score above 680. The average cost for pursuing MBA in the UK is between 10,000 to 15,000 pounds. Some of the top colleges of the UK are as follows:

3) Canada:

Canada is another popular destination among students who are pursuing MBA. The country has a good economy because of its industries which helps the students to get a job easily and this, in turn, attracts students. The biggest advantage to international students in Canada is that here they get a work permit of 1to 3 year which gives them enough time to find a secure job. The immigration process of Canada is also simple. The average cost of study in Canada is CAD $ 13,000. To get admission in the college of Canada the students are required to give GMAT and the score above 650 is considered as good to get admission in colleges in Canada. Some of the colleges MBA colleges in Canada are:

4) Singapore:

A well establishes a destination for a foreign student. Close to India yet a foreign destination the country provides a very good option to pursue MBA in some of the top and renowned colleges which give proper exposure to its students and great job opportunities. The average score of GMAT required to get admission in colleges here is above 650. The average cost of MBA in Singapore is SGD $ 60,000 Some of the top colleges of Singapore are as follows:

5) Australia:

last on my list is Australia which is another most popular destination for MBA students. The colleges in Australia offer specialized research training to its students. The colleges in Australia require prior experience and they are relatively fine with a decent GMAT score. The average score is 650 and above. The average cost of MBA has increased from $ 47,500 last year to $ 51,200. Some of the top MBA universities in Australia are:

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