Students Abroad – Fight Against Corona Virus Kenznow
March 25, 2020

Students Abroad – Fight Against Coronavirus

Suggestive Course of Action from Kenznow

These are trying times for us, we mean all of us, as humanity. We need to fight the challenge posed by the Novel Coronavirus and defeat it. At Kenznow, we recognize that students studying abroad are facing challenges and based on queries we received on the calls, Kenznow has prepared a suggestive course of action for Students Studying overseas

These queries were from Kenznow students and their parents with respect to their future course of action, so we are listing them down for the benefit of the entire international student community.

Query 1. My classes have moved on-line, what should I do?
Kenznow Suggests: Stay put, in your hostel/accommodation and take the courses online from there itself, no need to travel back to your home country.

Query 2. My hostel accommodation is being vacated, what should I do?
Kenznow Suggests: No worries, as a precautionary measure, at few places hostels have been vacated. We urge students to find out off-campus accommodation for a month or move in with your friends staying in the city. Make sure that this as not a reason to travel back to the home country. Worst case finds motel accommodation and stays put.

Query 3. Staying on is expensive and why should I not save money?
Kenznow Suggests: This is the time to keep yourself and the people around you safe. Do not worry about the costs. You are a bright student, you shall get many opportunities in the near future to make good of this expense. Stay where you are, even if it means that you are losing some money. Trust us, it is worth it.

Query 4. Should I take fights to different cities of the world and then try reaching back to my home country?
Kenznow Suggests: The answer is NO. All the countries across the world are scanning and putting people in mandatory confinement for at least 14 days once you reach your home country. No matter, even if you change flights from various regions and come to your country. More so, you shall expose yourself with the risk of catching Corona infection, it is not worth the effort.   

Query 5. Am getting bored being indoors all the time, what should I do?
Kenznow Suggests: Many things can be done and achieved. For one, being with oneself is not boring. 

  1. Focus on your academics: Pull up a subject that needs your attention and you were not able to focus on, now is the time.
  2. Take up an online course: You have got the time, choose an online course from the likes of Coursera or Udemy and more.
  3. Pick up your old hobby: Remember your old hobby, the one that you have left focusing on. Sketches that you used to make or music that you stopped following or photographs that you have, yet not edited or your blog that needs attention and more.
  4. Connect with your friends and family: It is a good time to re-connect with your old friends and family. Trust us it is worth the time.
  5. Social Media updates: Connect online both professionally on Linkedin and socially on various platforms. Your social image can do with a bit of uplift. 
  6. Online Meetings: The world is a buzz with social video conferencing, and events being held out on platforms like Zoom and more. Try them out.
  7. Binge watching: Oh yes! Netflix, Amazon Prime and others are waiting for you to watch movies/series/documentaries and more. It is good time spent.
  8. Gaming: If you are a gaming fan, cut yourself loose and get hold of as many chicken dinners as you can, during this time of the year.

World over the remedy prescribed is simple, Break the chain of spreading of the virus. Observe #SocialDistancing and Stay In & Stay Safe.

This time around, it is only by acting together, all citizens of the world can make a difference and put up a fight against Corona.

Indeed we shall win.

All the best from the Kenznow Team, we are with you in this fight. You are free to reach us at [email protected] and we would love to assist you and your parents in any manner that we can.

Together we shall win.

Team Kenznow

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