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November 13, 2019

5 Best Countries to Study Computer Science Abroad

An emerging trend in digital technology has increased the importance of the study of computer science. The rising demand for computer science has opened the gateway to many opportunities. The result is a multi-fold increase in courses on computer science provided by many Global institutions both for graduation and post-graduation.

Best Countries to Study Computer Science / Computer Engineering

1) USA:

Across the Globe, US is a prime attraction for students to pursue their studies. Most of the aspirants take up their research work in the USA. Cultural significance of this country for Education, Research, Innovation results in the emergence of many eminent institutes, the best institute for Computer Science in the USA are as follow:

study-computer-science-usaPhoto by https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/weekly-standard/professor-uses-n-word-student-shouts-f-you-free-speech-class-canceled-at-princeton

  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, (MIT)
  2. Carnegie Mellon University
  3. Princeton University
  4. Georgia Institute of Technology
  5. Cornell University

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2) Australia:

Australia is fast emerging as a country of choice for Study Abroad. Good infrastructure facilities at these institutions are an additional boost to for Students to choose Australian institutes. Here, we put the list of some institutes.

australian-national-university-ausPhoto by http://theconversation.com/anu-vice-chancellor-issues-moocs-warning-9881

  1. University of Melbourne
  2. University of Sydney
  3. Australian National University
  4. UNSW Sydney, Australia

3) Canada:

Canada is a country that welcomes expatriates and also is on a lookout for brighter minds across the world. Canada has even more liberal regulations for International students for their study programs. Following universities in Canada offer good programs on Computer science.

study-computer-science-candaPhoto by https://mcgill.ca/newsroom/stock-photos

  1. University of Toronto
  2. McGill University
  3. University of Montreal
  4. University of Alberta
  5. The University of Western Ontario

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4) United Kingdom:

The United Kingdom offers a variety of Graduations and Post – Graduation Courses in Computer Science. In the UK many prestigious institutions run good programs for students. At these Institutions, one can find scholarships and classical infrastructure for better education.

study-computer-science-united-kingdomPhoto by Facebook page UofGlasgow

  1. Imperial College London
  2. University of Oxford
  3. The University of Manchester
  4. University of Glasgow
  5. The University of Warwick

5) Germany:

Germany is the most fascinating choice for students across the world. Where one can get options of the world’s oldest and prestigious institutions for their graduation & masters courses. Aspirants should evaluate the following Universities in Germany:

jacobs-university-germanyPhoto by https://www.jacobs-university.de/photos

  1. Technical University of Munich
  2. KIT, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
  3. Humboldt – University Berlin
  4. Jacobs University Bremen
  5. The University of Frankfurt am Main


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