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October 16, 2019

International students are choosing Canada for overseas education

Canada is becoming a popular place for Indian students for studying abroad. Students are turning away from the USA and UK and opting for Canada to study abroad. Canada offers a good education at a cost-effective price point making it an easy choice for the students. Nowadays students choosing Canada for overseas education.


Canada in the bucket list of International students 

To start with Canada is one of the safest countries in the world. Canada offers world-class infrastructure and research facilities. Students have numerous options to choose from depending upon their interests. Many Canadian universities are part of reputed international rankings. Most of the student population choose Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa and Quebec as their primary destination. 

Students are eligible for a work visa for three years after completion of their education program from a Canadian university. As compared to the US, the tuition fee payment and cost of living is relatively less and more affordable.


Data about Indian students in Canada 

In the year of 2016, Canada issued 52,845 study permits to Indian students which increased to 83,540 in 2017. This increase was majorly at the cost of students not opting for the USA. 

UNESCO data 

A comparative study shows the growing interest of Indian Students choosing Canada as a destination for studying abroad. 

% break up of Indian Students going abroad










Chinese Students trend:

Even Chinese students saw an increase in movement to Australia and Canada. There were over 128,000 students who moved to Australia, making an increase of 47% over the year of 2013 numbers. Similarly, Canada witnessed 57% increase over the year 2013 numbers where 42,000 students opted for Canada. 


Overall, it is clear that Indian and Chinese students are opting for Canada as a study abroad destination and the data supports this. In the future, this trend is most likely to grow and Canada will continue to gain prominence among international students. 


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