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Hartley was the heir to a family of Southampton wine merchants. A studious and reclusive character, he had turned his back on the family business and when he died he left his estate to the Corporation of Southampton to promote the study and advancement of science and learning.The result was the formation of The Hartley Institution, which opened in the High Street, below the Bargate in 1862.

By the 20th century we were already gaining an impressive reputation in spite of our small size. We became a University College in 1902 and by the 1930s we were winning national grants for our work in Chemistry and Engineering.

Rapid growth of our student population in the 1950s led to a massive expansion of our Highfield campus, and we began to innovate on a national and global level in a number of areas.

From very humble beginnings, the University of Southampton has become a world- renowned institution. This fact is a testament to the hard work and determination of our staff and students to make a difference in the world.

With the support of talented, hard-working students like you we hope to continue to make a real impact on the important issues affecting us today.


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